Different Voices: the launch concert

Music from the composers featured in book will feature in a concert presented by the Royal Irish Academy of Music on 6 November at the Boys’ School, Smock Alley Theatre.

The concert, which follows the launch of the book in the Contemporary Music Centre, begins at 8pm and includes performances from William Dowdall, Paul Roe, Nick Roth, Dorone Paris Group, and RIAM Vocals.

Tickets cost €10. To book, please visit Smock Alley Theatre.


Seoirse Bodley: An Dreóilín – RIAM Vocals (ssaa)
Jane O’Leary: a piacere – Paul Roe (bass clarinet)
Siobhan Cleary: Diamorphine – Tape
Kevin O’Connell: Ictus – William Dowdall (alto flute)
Frank Corcoran: Quasi una Missa (excerpt) – Tape
Grainne Mulvey: Periastron – Paul Roe (bass clarinet & tape)


John Buckley: Sea Echos – William Dowdall (sliding flute)
John McLachlan: Dog Ear – Tape
Dorone Paris: For Utopia No. 1 – Dorone Paris Group
Benjamin Dwyer: Étude No. 6 ‘African Print’ – Benjamin Dwyer (guitar)
Roth/Dwyer: Improv. for Barry Guy – Nick Roth (soprano saxophone), Benjamin Dwyer (guitar)