Dorone Paris

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‘Art is for reflecting what the world actually is, not trying to pretend it’s something else.’

Dorone Paris is an Israeli-born composer and saxophonist living and working in Ireland. She studied music and philosophy at the University of Haifa, Israel. Further studies were undertaken in the UK where she completed a Master’s Degree in Composition in the University of Leeds. She is currently completing PhD in composition at University College Cork. Being raised and educated in Israel influenced her political ideas and affected her musical creativity, aesthetics and philosophy. She is the founder of PATH art: an organization dedicated to convincing her people that a peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs in Israel-Palestine is both possible and necessary. Paris’s music has been performed by groups such as Opera North, London New Wind Festival ensemble, LS2 ensemble, the New Haifa Symphony Orchestra, and the Meitar Ensemble in international venues and events such as the Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Regent Hall (London), Leeds Grand Theatre, Mahmoud Darwish Cultural Centre, Madina Theatre, Rappaport Centre (Israel), The Word’s Voice Festival, Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival and the Israeli Music Festival. Paris was composer in residence for the FOCAM group in 2011.

Photograph: Tony Carragher. Dorone Paris, in Grogan’s Bar, Dublin, 23 April 2014. 

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