Nick Roth


‘There is no such thing as genre.’

Born into a musical family in London, Nick Roth has been based in Dublin since 2001 and now works internationally as a saxophonist, composer, educator and producer. His work explores the liberation of improvisation from composition, the impact of natural form on technology and a contemporary interpretation of traditional music. A curious predisposition and his refusal to accept the existence of boundaries between the real and the imaginary has led to collaborations with many of the world’s leading composers, choreographers, visual artists, performers and ensembles, whilst a fascination with emergent pattern has also resulted in collaborations with numerous scientists from the interweaving fields of mathematical biology, hydrology and forest canopy ecology. Roth is the artistic director of the Yurodny Ensemble, artistic co-director of Sefiroth and a founder member of The Water Project. He is also a director of Ireland’s leading record label for new music, Diatribe Records.

Photograph: Tony Carragher. Nick Roth at King’s Cross Station, London, 6 May 2014

Selected works

Flocking III (2013) for ensemble

More information here

Clarinet Quintet (2010 rev. 2011)


The Water Project


Performing with Yurodny Evenset Ensemble


More improvisation videos here